EcoMat Rotating Belt Press. TSS thickening, Sludge removal, Algae filtering.








The EcoMat Rotating Belt Filter

Sludge thickening of 40-70% TSS and 30% BOD

The Blue Water Technologies EcoMat  Rotating  Belt Filter can relieve primary treatment burdens for sludge removal and thickening at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

They have a very small footprint, saving major infrastructure investment and space.

EcoMat Filters are compact, completely covered systems which are easy to maintain. Screenings dewatering and odour containment are integrated parts of the machine. 

EcoMat Rotating Belt Filters are suited to all types of TSS removal and sludge thickening including industrial, municipal, farming and stormwater applications.

The Dewatered sludge cake is firm and easily handled.



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