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Aston Evaporative ServicesIncreasing environmental awareness within society and industry, and the need to operate at the lowest cost has seen the principle of “zero discharge” for wastewater become increasingly adopted as a sound environmental and business operating practice. This means that wastewater will be either treated and used again in the process, or disposed of by a means that will not cause the wastewater to be released and become a burden on the sewer system or surface water.

The most cost effective method to mitigate unusable processed water is the evaporation pit. The main problem with typical pits is that they generally rely on nature so have low and often highly variable evaporation rates. This variability dealing with Waste water can often govern many industries, especially those using natural evaporation due to the fickleness of nature.

Aston Evaporative Services introduces a patented Atomizer, allowing customers to achieve the highest evaporation levels in the industry in excess of 80% at low capital and O&M costs

Natural Gas Pond 



Oil & Gas: Drilling, completion, and production operations for oil and gas often create millions of litres of wastewater. Offsite disposal is costly, natural evaporation is to slow. Aston provides a cost efficient, environmentally friendly disposal method.

Gold Process 



Mining: Surface and pit processed water from mining operations contained in evaporation pits present issues if allowed to seep into groundwater tables, or overflow into streams and catchments. Aston Evaporative Services’ Atomizer models alleviates both issues by accelerating evaporation using industry best technology. Meeting Title 5 and Zero Discharge regulations

Power Generation



Power Generation: Zero Discharge regulations create great challenges for power generation plants. Aston Evaporative Services offers the industry's best and most cost effective solution to rid waste water. Allowing its customers to meet these ever increasing regulations




Waste Water: Our systems are engineered for the harshest of environments, and can handle high TDS water with ease. By using Aston's industry best technology you can now place these increased demands on your ponded waste water.

Why you should choose ASTON equipment.

  • Achieve evaporation rates in excess of 80%
  • Engineered to withstand the harshest of environments
  • No nozzles means no clogging
  • Because the Atomizers don’t rely on nozzle geometry or pressure to create spray, they effectively manage abrasive and viscous materials.
  • Ability to handle high TDS water with no clogging
  • Meet zero discharge criteria
  • Industry best technology
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • Remove unnecessary high maintenance, and costly equipment.



  • Uses vegetable oil in hydraulics approved by US EPA and Wildlife Service.
  • Constructed with recycled materials.
  • Heat exchange system allows most efficient use of energy.



  • Complete weather station integrated to allow optimal efficiency during constantly changing weather.
  • Pond level sensor and flow meter to measure evaporation efficiency.
  • GPS allows user to access live data from unit
  • Download daily, weekly, and monthly reports


At ASTON we have the ability to custom design, and will build any type, and size of unit to meet your specific requirements.


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