Blue nite advanced nitrogen removal



BLUE WATER: Advanced  Treatment  Technologies:

Blue Water Technologies, Inc. is the industry leader in the development of technologies for nutrient removal from wastewater. With advanced equipment design, Blue Water offers the Blue NITE® treatment system for consistently lowering nitrates to <1 mg/L NO3-N. Using the Blue NITE®proprietary control system, coupled with new applications of alternative carbon sources, Blue Water provides the most efficient and economically viable treatment solution.

In the Blue NITE® process, biological activity in the tertiary filtration system converts nitrates to nitrogen gas. Using our unique control system, Blue NITE® maintains NPDES targets for both nitrate and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by accommodating high or fluctuating influent nitrate levels. In addition to installations using traditional carbon sources such as methanol, Blue Water has extensive design and installation experience with the newest alternative carbon sources. These non-explosive options can moderate the capital cost of chemical storage facilities.

 can be configured for wastewater or groundwater applications. The modular filter design allows for trouble-free installation of new systems, or capacity increases to existing processes. The filters are also certified for water reuse applications and hold California Title 22 acceptance.

With over twenty years of international installation history and experience, Blue Water is a trusted and capable partner in the wastewater industry, providing economical solutions to municipal and industrial clients alike.
The Blue NITE® Advantage
  • Nitrate removal to < 1 mg/L
  • Unique patented control system
  • Lowest capital and O & M
  • Eliminates upsets and backwash cycling
  • Modular end-of-pipe solution
  • Alternative carbon sources available
  • Total nutrient removal capable





Blue Nite

Denitrify to <1 mg/L NO3-N.

Blue NITE™ removes nitrates to very low levels, helping plants meet total nitrogen permits. Utilizing Blue Water's nutrient removal technologies, phosphorus and nitrate removal can be achieved in the same vessel, saving money and space.





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