Eco 55 IPS® - Inclined Plate Settler

    Water disposal costs constitute an ongoing challenge for today’s dischargers. Wastewater from many types of industrial processing facilities can contain high amounts of suspended and dissolved solids that require clarification equipment. The high levels of solids create a cost burden that can be significantly reduced through the implementation of an Eco 55 IPS® treatment system.

A Cost-saving Treatment Option

Inclined plate clarifiers have been utilized in a broad range of industries around the world for suspended solids removal, and have been installed as the technology of choice for economy of space and life-cycle cost. Blue Water manufactures US made Eco 55 IPS® clarifiers for unmatched separation efficiency. The Eco 55 IPS® systems can accomplish the same degree of clarification as conventional clarifiers in 10% of the footprint.

Loading rates of conventional equipment are practical in rating an Eco 55 IPS® system for a given application, and the loading rates are applied to the projected area of the foot-print friendly plate pack design. In many installations the inclined plate clarifiers are integrated with state-of-the-art flash mixers and flocculation chambers to enhance removal of particularly fine suspensions and dissolved constituents such as phosphorus or metals.
A Flexible Platform for Efficiency:

•Industrial process water

•Metals and mining systems

•Filter backwash clarification and thickening

•Potable water clarification plant


•Capital and O&M reduction projects