Wastewater treatment equipment & services

Ensuring that there is an availability of clean water for both today and tomorrow. Workwise focuses on solutions that are cost effective and sustainable which do not jeopardise re-sources for future generations.

Workwise is proud to offer BLUE WATER’S broad platform of Water treatment technologies, from primary wastewater treatment through advanced effluent polishing steps to environmental remediation processes.

The company offers cutting edge equipment such as the EcoMat rotating belt filter, the Centra-Flow Gravity Sand Filter, BluePro, and BlueNite contaminants removal process along with other innovative equipment.







The EcoMat filters are exciting new products.

The EcoMat filter is used in such applications as the primary treatment device in waste water plants. EcoMat Filters remove 40-70% TSS and 30% BOD. The EcoMatt is a simple device which has a very small footprint and so is easy to install and operate. The EcoMat Filter system provides a low cost, effective, proven approach to increasing an existing WWTP’s capacity. Typically increasing existing plants capacities by 30% plus.

The EcoMat series is proven technology designed for use in all applications where the best possible water quality is required.

The EcoMat is the key for the efficient removal of both fine and course suspended solids.





The Centra-Flo TM Gravity Sand Filter is a dynamic bed filter that provides a continuous supply of low cost filtered water without interruptions by backwash cleaning cycles.

Centra-Flow Gravity Sand Filters can be used whenever an application requires granular media filtration for the removal of colloidal and suspended solids. 

A Centra-Flow Gravity Sand Filter systems unique low operating costs and high through put makes it ideal for retrofitting in existing stations.







Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Mercury are all considered to be a danger to ourenvironment.  In particular they are know to have long term and devastating impacts on watersheds.

Their potentially harmfull effects Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Mercury on enviromantal quality have led to increased regulatory pressure worldwide.

The BluePro, Process developed by Bluewater is unique for the treatment of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Mercury as it optimizes adsorption of contaminants by hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) coated sand, rather than relying on coagulation-filtration.

The patented system lowers contaminants to extremely low concentrations by overcoming equilibrium and diffusion limitations.

The HFO process creates unusually high adsorption capacity, even greater than aged iron oxide-coated sand (IOS) media.

No backwashing or media exchange is necessary which reduces cost and ongoing work for operators.
With BluePro technology, Bluewater has the added advantage of removing phosphorus, Nitrate, and Mercury in the same treatment step.

Phosphorus and Mercury are removed by adsorption, and nitrate is lowered by bio-logical denitrification down to levels of 1mg/L using the BlueNite process.


Transition Metals

Aluminum, cadmium, copper, chromium, iron, lead, mercury, and zinc are examples of transition metals that can be adsorbed and removed in the Blue PRO® process. There are several others in addition to these. The primary mechanism of removal for transition metals is adsorption of their respective hydroxides onto hydrous ferric oxide. 

A full scale BluePro system is able to cost effectively meet the lowest contaminant concentrations available.

Phosphorus  as low as <0.010 mg/L.

Mercury 1 ng/L Hg

Nitrate <0.3 mg/L