Reversing the Rain: Aston Eavporative Services Wastewater disposal products.

The most cost effective method to rid processed or unwanted water is evaporation. New technology provides disposal requirements efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

Using our accelerated evaporation system; users are now able to economically reach ZERO DISCHARGE limits as well as assisting Natures already fascinating method of water purification. This equipment uses the sensible heat derived from the surrounding air to economically provide a very efficient, high volume solution. 

Low R&M costs, high efficiency, high uptimes and ease of operation make this equipment economically and environmentally the most appropriate means of mitigating your waste water.

Workwise recommends our revolutionary and patented technology designed by Aston Evaporative Services to solve global water evaporation concerns. This new technology allows you to expand production tables and reduce evaporation time frames to industry best levels.

With years of experience and expertise from the energy, mining and construction-related industries, Aston is committed to moderate your water reclamation needs.

Aston Evaporative Services - reversing the
rainWhy you will be happy with your purchase of this market leading, technically superior zero discharge wastewater evaporation equipment.

  • Lowest overall operating costs in the market.
  • Evaporation rates in excess of 80% may be achieved.
  • Able to withstand the harshest of environments including low ph water.
  • Ability to handle high TDS water.
  • Easy to setup with low maintenance costs.
  • Meet zero discharge criteria.
  • Easily operated.
  • Easily control with variable water flows, not just on and off operation.
  • On board data acquisition and reporting functions.