Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Workwise staff are well respected in this field of Health and Safety and are able to provide you with the expertise and experience the we currently provide to local government agencies, large corporate and multi-national clients.

Services Available:

  • Audiometry (Hearing testing)
  • Vision Screening (Both near and far)
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)
  • Blood Pressure measurements(High Blood Pressure, and Heart disease Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening


Health Monitoring is important screening, especially for responsible employers wanting to fulfill their obligations within the Health and Safety at Work Act 2016.

All testing is done by trained NZ Registered Nurses using fully calibrated equipment.


Vision Screening (both near and far)
If any of your staff drive, or use computers as part of their role, then your organisation has an obligation to ensure their eye sight is up to scratch.   Similarly, if there eyesight is crucial to ensuring that your product is perfect.


High Blood Pressure, and Heart disease Screening
Blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements are performed as part of healthy workplace programs. These tests help to establish if employees are at risk from high blood pressure, diabetes and/ or heart disease. If anything outside the normal range is discovered, the Nurse refers the client to their own G.P for follow up, or to the organization's company doctor.
Pre-employment screening
Pre-employment screening includes a brief medical questionnaire, and any of the other above tests that are appropriate for the prospective employment position.
Now that ACC has re-introduced experience rating, pre-employment screening and regular health monitoring becomes more important if your organisation wants to ensure that only claims it is responsible foe are attributed to it.
Workstation Assessments
Workstation assessments are a core element of Workwise’s business.
These are undertaken by a Registered Nurse with a Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.

The assessments are performed using both Guidelines for Using Computers (released in December 2010 by ACC in conjunction with the Department of Labour), and the standards from the Approved Code Of Practice For The Use Of Visual Display Units In The Place Of Work;  Health and Safety at Work Act 2016. Under this Act, an employer's primary obligations are to provide a safe, healthy place of work to prevent harm to their employees.

Whilst not mandatory, Approved Codes of Practice are issued to assist employers in achieving this legislative compliance, and are usually considered to be the minimum requirement, but not necessarily best practice.

By basing the assessment on both the Guidelines and the Code of Practice the employer knows that they will be meeting their statutory obligations as well as providing a comfortable, safe and healthy working environment for their staff.

Included in each assessment will be:
  • seating and posture
  • keyboard and mouse set-up
  • desk and monitor set-up
  • working area/desk surface
  • work environment - lighting, noise 
  • work design - how you do things
  • best work practices - taking breaks
  • ergonomic exercises
  • pain and discomfort assessment 
At the end of each assessment the staff member will be given an educational handout and the employer a written report.